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About Us

Who we are

LondonLive Church is a community of regular Londoners whose deepest desire and passion is to connect people with the living and compassionate God. As a thriving church we seek to share and experience the wonderful blessings, love, and acceptance that knowing God brings; as we enjoy living together within the cosmopolitan and dynamic city of London.

So, whether you are looking for a new church community, a place to ask life’s big questions, or just need some inspiration and encouragement, you are always welcome to LondonLive.

What we believe

No matter what bad reputation others may put on God, we believe, “God is love.”

The Bible is our principal source of knowledge about God and redemption. An essential guidebook for our lives, as well as the primary way God speaks to us.

When Jesus died on the cross, He voluntarily bore all the guilt of humanity, making His death complete compensation for our sins. But the best part, the good news, is that He was resurrected and is preparing heaven for us.

God’s intention is for all Christians to be part of His church.

As the world around us seems to spin faster and faster, we thoughtfully press pause each week and enjoy the retro-practice of Sabbath. Each Saturday, we experience a God-designed tempo for our lives. Rest!!!!

God asks us not to be selfish, as he wants us to make a difference. Whether we are catalysts of forgiveness or agents of reconciliation, we are asked to be salt and light in this dark hedonistic society.

Our greatest hope is the soon return of Jesus Christ to this earth, to rescue us from the ever-declining bad situations that prevail over our world.

Obedience to God is an indicator of sincere belief and love for Him. God aspires us to reflect His character and follow His will as expressed in the two great commandments – love God and love people.

Water baptism by immersion publicly signifies our decision to die to our old ways and allow Jesus to live out His life in us. 

When a person dies, they have no further influence on our planet until Jesus returns. Until then, “They are dead!!!!”

Sex is good. God invented it as an expression of love. However, God insists that sex be shared exclusively in the context of a loving marriage.

Our bodies and minds are God’s creation and the residence of His Holy Spirit. Thus, we are to care for them. 

What to expect

Going somewhere new for the first time can be a daunting experience. We’re a friendly bunch, so you’ll feel comfortable right away. Here is what you can expect:

  • A welcoming, non-judgemental, relaxed atmosphere
  • A worship experience that starts 5pm every Saturday
  • Thought provoking, relevant, challenging Bible – based sermons from our Pastor, Paul King-Brown, that are available on podcast.
  • Live worship music
  • Great food after every worship experience
  • Friendly and genuine people who hang out & chat throughout the week having coffee or pizza. Because it is great to be part of a thriving community
  • Questions are more than welcome
  • Available steps to help you get to know Jesus
  • Constant opportunities to get involved and help others 

Doors are open. All are welcome. Come worship with us.

5pm. Every Saturday.